Skin Care

Your smile is just one part of your facial appearance! At Dentistry by the Bay, we know how a youthful, smooth complexion can boost your confidence and give you the self-esteem to mingle with others and pose for photos. We are pleased to offer the following skin care treatments in Petoskey, Michigan, at our dental office:

Many patients wonder why they should see a dentist for skin care treatments. Dental professionals, such as Dr. Johnna Driscoll, are familiar with more than just your teeth and mouth. Dentists understand very intimately how facial appearance can be affected by certain oral problems and are knowledgeable about how the face should look for the most youthful appearance possible. We always take into account your overall facial appearance when planning treatment, not just your smile appearance. In addition to improving your smile, we can help you achieve younger-looking, beautifully clear skin. We have advanced training to provide skin treatment and can keep you comfortable during your appointment.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation for skin care with our team, call (231) 347-7471! Our dentist and team can discuss your goals during a consultation and let you know if any of the skin care treatments we offer would help you achieve the appearance you are hoping for.